Read your email on the web with either Roundcube or Squirrelmail. Use Postfix Admin to set things up:

Postfix Admin

Users: Change your password or forwarding settings for your email address

Domain admins: Create, edit and delete mailboxes and forwarders for your domain

Settings for mail clients

You might like to use a program on your own computer to download and read your mail. We use Mozilla Thunderbird, but there are many other choices, and probably at least one that came with your computer.
Incoming Mail Servermx.netuxo.co.uk
Use IMAP (port 143) or POP3 (port 110), with STARTTLS encryption.
Outgoing Mail Servermx.netuxo.co.uk
Use either port 25 or 587, with STARTTLS encryption.
UsernameEnter your email address in full
PasswordNetuxo or your domain administrator should have given you an email password
You will need your username and password for both incoming and outgoing mail.

For support, contact support@netuxo.co.uk or call 020 8985 6843 between 10:00am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday..